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About Us

About Us

 Hangzhou KIMBERLEY Catering Management Ltd. in east China to braise professional catering company ---  KIMBERLEY;

 Hangzhou professional reception caterers base, and buffet buffet-site professional service providers, companies with mobile service RV and central kitchen,

 Provide "golden key" butler on-site service; province is the vast investment and professional catering to braise institution;

 More than fifteen years experience in the international five-star hotel's professional team management and operation; personalized catering activities planned and executed professional firms.

Can provide a wide range of on-site catering services to companies, individuals, high-end clubs, wine cellar, golf courses, office buildings, high-end real estate and so on;

Such as: small and medium fashion reception, buffet, cocktails, high-end coffee breaks, business meetings, birthday parties, outdoor lawn wedding, anniversary,

 Engagement ceremony to commemorate the company, the move; the real estate opening activities, customer networking, customer appreciation, and other professional and personalized service!


About US:


    We are a professional company catering to catering services; U.S. Rubbermaid professional heat food transport equipment and team management to ensure food quality and safety;

     We are the East China rare air-conditioned car with mobile services and agencies to provide on-site Golden Key butler service;

     We are few in Intercontinental Hotel Hangzhou West Lake State Guesthouse, Shangri-La Hotel, WTO Crowne Plaza Shaoxing Xianheng International Hotel

     And other venues to hold the conference coffee breaks and receptions provide professional services company;

     We equipped with multiple German brand eight large stainless steel barbecue pits; all professional equipment to catering services combine the characteristics of both professional design and            modification;

     We use a lot of wonderful case witness and service quality; to witness the quality details; witness with wonderful quality!


     We can use Cantonese, English, Japanese, Italian and other languages for you and your customers to provide professional banquet services;

      Domestic or foreign outstanding chef cooks and waiters foreign professional team reception banquet services;

      We can provide French original desserts or Jinboruili outstanding pastry chef created exquisite West Point Break Canapes and snacks;

      Our service teams are served international brand of high-star hotel with more than ten years of management experience and service, we are holding the attitude of excellence,

      Witness the quality and excitement with "satisfaction and surprise" golden key service concept!

      Our full-service facilities provisioned by the company; service vessels in accordance with international five-star standard in most high-end brands at home and abroad;

      Tea Break table and plates for the company specializes in custom; all WMF crystal cups from Germany and Austria, France and other international brands ...........


We provide safe and efficient services for your quality of service through professional and innovative "satisfaction and surprise" Concierge concept;

      Our service footprint now in major cities throughout Zhejiang and Shanghai provinces and cities, Suzhou, Huangshan;

      We each service unified company issued a formal contract in the English version of the confidentiality agreement, machine-printed invoices.

      Company Bank: China Construction Bank branch in Wushan Company Account: 33001616227059 666666

      We are not only catering service is also a cutting-edge social networking platform; look forward to all walks of life companies and partners, and individuals to inquire;

      Our micro-channel official website revamped; witness the quality and service with a wonderful case;

      Welcomes the large number of cases see the official website: Services / News and Sina Weibo: @ Hangzhou Kimberley reception V

      Guests 24-hour hotline: (86571) 86147778/86147779

      Please make reservations in advance; look forward to your inquire.