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Requirements of meeting

Due to the particularity of the catering food and beverage, if any point in the small negligence may lead to an imperfect ending. Note the following  points :
  • Recognition of good catering place, accurate orientation;
  • Recognition of activities indoors or outdoors (very important), if the activity is held in the rainy season and in the outside and need have another good alternative;
  • To confirm the exact number. Catering food finished generally in accordance with a predetermined number of direct transport out, once the number of error will lead to timely delivery of a considerable number of food.
  • Arrange your invited guests parking or transport;
  • Choose a different form of activity, according to climate;
  • Given before a meal make sure you invite the customers are foreign guests or the Domestic guests, have different requirements due to differences in cultural backgrounds to catering the food;
  • Arrange for a water sources and an availability to the chef and service team (later needs to pile up some debris and recycling dirty pot on the outside guests to see not good, of course, to have air conditioning. the best);
  • Need to set aside a few hours before the event, decorating the venue;
  • If you are indoors, and is able to use the elevator upstairs, then the best. This will directly affect the progress of the layout to catering.